Decorate Your Phone With the 360 Magnetic Absorption Phone Case

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Whether you’re carrying your phone in your pocket or your purse, there’s always the chance you might drop this expensive accessory. The best way to keep your phone clean and scratch-free is with the 360 Magnetic Absorption Phone Case. It’s a sleek and durable option you can enjoy for years.

  • Supports wireless charging<
  • Charging speed not affected by casing
  • Tough 9H glass back plate designed to be explosion-proof
  • Metal frame
  • Built-in cushion for extra protection
  • Easy to put on, but won’t slip off
  • Tight fit with almost seamless joints
  • No glass on the front
  • Multi-point magnetic field absorption<
  • 360° all-around protection
  • Compatible with Samsung phones
  • Smooth and comfortable grip